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Peter Wiesböck Product Manager

HEFTER Systemform GmbH
Am Mühlbach 6
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Compressed air spray

No more lint!

Fine lint is produced continuously. Any machines processing a lot of paper can quickly be exposed to a high volume of dust. This compressed air spray helps you to effectively remove the dust.

Ordering information:

ArticlePart numberPacking unitPrice (net)
Compressed air spray100256981 can à 200 ml23,90 €

Remove dust disposals effectively with the HEFTER Systemform compressed air spray

Fine disposals influence not only sensitive sensors - such as light barriers - in its function, but can also result in dust disposals. In constant touch with humidity and heat this will lead to foulings at mechanical parts, especially in areas not easily accessible.

However, this is not necessary: Use our compressed air spray regularly to prevent these disturbing souces. Buy a double pack and you will save 20%.