Automatic letter opener OL 750

Opens and counts your envelopes

The OL 750 opens your incoming mail by milling technique. The envelope edge is milled without touching the content. The result is a reliable opening of envelopes of up to 5 mm thickness with no sharp edges so that operators won't cut their fingers.

The OL 750 can open up to 10.000 envelopes/day.

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Highlights of the automatic letter opener OL 750

  • Automatic,self-aligning feeding of the envelopes
  • Secure opening of a mixture of envelope sizes and thickness
  • Envelope thickness up to about 5 mm
  • Opening technique: Milling, giving highest security to the sheets inside
  • No sharp edges after opening
  • Robust millling head
  • Integrated stacker
  • Counter for opened envelopes as well as for the finished outgoing mail (switch for selection between opening/non-opening)
  • Speed: up to 400 letters/minute

The professional and secure way of opening your incoming mail!

If you not only need to open your incoming mail rationally and secure but also want to count letters, then the automatic letter opener OL 750 is your choice.  This counting function of the HEFTER Systemform OL 750 - also without opening the envelopes - is of special use if you want to give your outgoing mail to an external service provider or if you are operating yourself as service providor.

The OL 750 can then be used as an envelope counter as well.

Technical data & downloads of the automatic letter opener OL 750

Technical specifications OL 750  
Important technical data: OL 750
Envelope sizes up to B4
Max. envelope thickness: up to 5 mm
Weight: 23 kg
Speed: up to 400 envelopes/ min.
Dimensions: 102 x 40 x 36 cm
Power supply: 220 -240 V / 50 Hz

(subject to technical changes)