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Peter Wiesböck Produktmanager

HEFTER Systemform GmbH
Am Mühlbach 6
D-83209 Prien am Chiemsee

Paper Jogger PJ 3000 (with air blasting device)

Elimination of static and dust after printing within seconds

Highlights of the paper jogger PJ 3000 (with air blasting device)

  • Paper sizes: min. 125 x 176 mm; max. 320 x 450 mm
  • Stacking capacity up to 90 mm
  • Anti static with integrated air blasting device
  • Jogging intensity variable
  • Paper tray angle adjustable
  • Air blow device adjustable
  • Motor: unbalanced engine
  • Lateral Operating panel
  • Operating modes: Intervall, continuously and via foot switch
  • Floor mounted model with castors
  • Dimensions: 405 x 410 x 1090 mm

Paper jogger with air loosening device

Digital printouts, documents, papers, sheets are often statically loaded and stick on each other. Sometimes powder stays on the paper after printing as well. Further processing could be then very difficult.

With its highly effective vibration and strong air loosening device the paper jogger PJ 3000 causes a very good paper separation and clean piles of documents.

Product video Paper Jogger PJ 3000