Automatic letter opener OL 440

Specifically suitable for larger envelope sizes

The colleagues at your company are already waiting impatiently for their daily, pre-opened, incoming mail. If this still needs to be done manually, there is only little chance to get intime. The best alternative is the powerful and automatic HEFTER Systemform letter opener OL 440. Especialy for larger envelopes the OL 440 has 3 feeding belts which is perfect for e.g. envelope sizes C4, C5 or B4.

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Highlights of the automatic letter opener OL 440

  • Big feeding tray with automatic, self adjusting feeding of the envelopes
  • 3 feeding belts
  • Handling also mixed sizes of incoming mail
  • Envelope thickness up to 10 mm
  • Opening technology: Cutting
  • Variable adjustment of the cutting width between 1 and 4 mm
  • Separate stacking of envelopes and waste disposal
  • Speed: up to 420 letters/minute

Automatic, economic, quick, reliable, clean and secure

The OL 420 opens letters with the cutting technology. Advantages compared to the slitting technology: Reliable opening, also of different envelope thickness, from the very left to the very right edge. The variable cutting width adjustment allows exact opening, also for well filled envelopes. The model OL 440, equipped with a third feeding belt, is suitable for bigger envelopes like C4 oder B4. A solution paying off with around 80 envelopes per day and more! 


Product video automatic letter opener OL 440

Technical data & downloads of the automatic letter opener OL 440

Technical specifications OL 440  
Important technical data OL 440
Envelope thickness max. 10 mm
Envelope sizes up to B4
Speed up to 420 letters/minute
Automatic, self adjusting feeding of the envelopes with 3 feeding belts
Opening technology Cutting
Cutting width adjustable (1 - 4 mm)
Dimensions incl. stacking tray (H x L x T) 215 x 845 x 290 mm
Weightt 13 kg
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz

(subject to technical changes)